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Teddy's Home Page

Welcome to Teddy's Home Page!  Tender Twilight, aka "Teddy" is a 16.2 hand, black, five-year-old, off-the-track Thoroughbred, who came to live with us in August '99 (via the meat pen) at a auction in northern Ohio.   He was born and lightly raced in Ontario and his registered name is Imperial Canadian, by Canadian Fighter, out of Imperial Honey.  His sire won a lot. Teddy, unfortunately, did not! We think he made his way to the auction via Thistledown racetrack in Cleveland, but we can't be sure.  His history and pedigree were found through a Jockey Club tatoo search. Teddy sure did not deserve to end up in the meat pen - he is a sweet and beautiful horse with loads of potential for re-training. His training will start in earnest this spring '00 with the goal to use him strictly for pleasure riding - English. The only remnant of his racing days is scar tissue and pin fire marks from an old bucked shin on the left foreleg.  teddytrot.jpg (32696 bytes)

Here's a picture of Teddy in September, after he'd been home with us for about a month.

twister.jpg (20018 bytes)

Here is Silver Twister the Welsh pony and his friend Cory May, my 9-year old son.  Twister is Teddy's Best Friend, although they fight and nip a lot in the pasture.  Twili001.jpg (59094 bytes)

Here's Teddy the day after he came home from the auction.  He was all beat up from the auction pen, where horses had really pushed him around. He had lots of cuts, bruises, scraped skin.  You can't see all that in the picture, although you can see he was quite thin.  He was also dehydrated and acted a little dull and tired.  auction2.jpg (54185 bytes)

Here's another photo taken the day after he came home.  You can see more bones in this picture!  Still, he was quite an awesome looking horse, with no reason to be sold for meat!  He really is jet black too- rare for a TB.teddyfence.jpg (17304 bytes)

Teddy loves his new home and fancies himself quite the king of the world.  He has really come to life with lots of Omalene and Strategy pellets, free choice hay and all-day turnout.  He has gained 150 pounds and now weighs about 1100 lbs.  He is shiny and dappled, and really full of himself. He can be quite "frisky" shall we say, but still has a fairly respectful attitude under saddle. He should prove to be a fun retraining project when spring gets to Ohio. 

teddybuck.jpg (16246 bytes)

Have fun Teddy!